Monday, September 6, 2010

Telling the Parents

We decided to tell our parents on Friday evening. We were hoping to tell them all in one evening. After work, I came home and we headed out pretty quickly.

On the way to my parents house we sent the pregnancy test picture to Ryan's mom, who lives in Southern California. We thought we'd get a call back right away, but we didn't hear from her.

When we got to my parents house, we sat in the driveway and sent the picture to their phones. We waited, and soon my mom texted back, "Hi". Huh? We knew they must not have seen the picture, so we headed in. I told them I had something to show them. It took them a minute to get situated and find their glasses, but finally I was able to show them the picture. There were a lot of tears and hugs and excitement. My parents have been praying everyday for years for this to happen, and the news was emotionally overwhelming for them.

After that, we went by my sister's house. The whole family was there, except for my niece, Rachel who was babysitting and my nephew Cameron, who is on a mission for our Church. It was fun talking about the news (and also meeting my niece, Leah's "friend" from Santa Barbara, whoo whoo!). It was great seeing everyone so excited.

Next, we had to track down Ryan's dad. We knew that they were at Clovis West's football game which was playing at the Buchanan stadium. On my way there, my niece Rachel called and I was able to share the news with her and talk to her for a bit. She offered her babysitting services in the future. :D

We got to Buchanan and went inside the stadium. We found Ryan's parents pretty quickly, and hid behind them at the top of the stands. We sent the picture to both of their phones and waited. And waited. They weren't looking at their phones!

After a couple minutes, we paid a little girl a dollar to go down and tell them, "Someone wants you to look at your phones". I am sure that was so confusing for them, but a minute later Ryan's step-mom Robin dug out her phone and checked it. We watched as she screamed a bit and started to cry. She showed Ryan's dad and he was excited too. During all the chaos, we walked down the stairs and surprised them both. They followed us out of the stadium and they called over Ryan's brother and sister to share the news. There was more excitement and tears.

After all that, we went to Ryan's grandma's house. We peaked in the window and Ryan's grandma, aunt and uncle were watching a movie. We sent the picture to their cell phones and waited... and again it was a bust. Finally, we just knocked on the door, showed them the picture and the tears flowed again.

That was our last stop of the night. We were exhausted and starving, and very happy.

We didn't hear back from Ryan's mom that night, but we did hear from her the next morning. Turns out, she was using Ryan's step-dad's phone, so she never got the picture. Ryan's grandma, using a huge amount of self-restraint, called her and suggested she call us about a different issue. She called Ryan. He was in the middle of investigating an officer involved shooting, and was literally on the scene. Even so, he was able to talk with her for a few minutes and tell her the news. Then she called me at home and I told her the story of how we found out.

Once we were sure all the parents knew, we announced it here on the blog and on Facebook. My dad has been our canary bird, and has ensured everyone we know within a 200 mile radius is aware of our good news. ;) He's pretty excited, as we all are.

Again, it is a little nerve-wracking announcing so early. But we continue to have faith that all will be well.


Savannah said...

This post is just tears and laughter to me. I think the stadium and having to pay a someone to tell them to check their phones is hilarious! What a cute idea to send the picture through texting.

C said...

I am so very, very happy for you. I know that this has been a long time coming and the path you've traveled has been so very rough. I am praying, sincerely praying, that you have a very H & H 9 months.
Cute, cute post! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful and large family. It's hard for someone like me to fathom that, but I love that you do have it! Enjoy!

Ashlee G. said...

How fun for you!! What a fun story.

I dream about fun ways to tell everyone when the day comes.

I'm so excited for you!

Jill said...

I think your Dad is the cutest ever. Yesterday I stepped briefly into 2nd ward Sac meeting to give Jonas back to Amy. Your dad saw me and motioned for me to come near him. When I did he whispered in my ear, "Did you hear about Michelle?" He is just beaming with happiness.

Marianne said...

Awesome news! I have renewed faith after reading your posts for the last few days. Last night, my parents, inlaws and godparents were all over and I even shared your news with them. So, a big fat Greek family in Toronto is praying for you all now! I wish I had filmed their faces when I told them your story. You would have loved it!

Luna said...

How great! What a fun night to travel around and let everyone know.

I am so excited for you. Don't worry about announcing "early," it is your fun and joy to be had. And you will have much needed support the ENTIRE time!

As a side note, I did a text announcement of my first pregnancy, it didn't work out so well either. Well, I thought it was great, the receiver, not so much. But maybe that was because it was Chris. Ha!