Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today, I took my first real step towards treatment for my infertility, as I guess it is called. I had an ultrasound at the Doc's office this morning. Everything looks great. I had a few "dark spots" on my right ovary, which the nurse tells me are "prefollicles", or something like that! God willing, Clomid will help these spots turn into follicles, turn into eggs, turn into babies!

So, now I wait for my period, to begin any minute now in fact. The first time in my life where I am excited to get it, go figure. Then the countdown starts. Day 5, I begin the Clomid, which is a pill I will take every night for 5 nights. Supposedly, it may turn me into a bloated, moody witch with hot flashes and all. I pray Ryan can make it through! Then, another ultrasound on Day 13 to see if those follicles have grown. Next is the shot to make me ovulate (yikes!). That's where Ryan comes in and, you get the idea (wink, wink). After that, we wait...and wait...and wait to see if it all worked!

I am cautiously optimistic. Maybe this is all my body needs...just a little push. Or maybe it's just the first step in what may be a long process...