Thursday, November 4, 2010

She's Back

Well, the spotting became a full blown period. I am so surprised, as that has never happened to me before. Usually, I have to stop the Prometrium and a couple days later my cycle will begin. I plan to ask about this and see if there is something else we should be doing. I have always believed that part of my problem is a luteal phase defect and low progesterone. I am wondering if they will change the protocol this next round.

Day One means a lot of things… disappointment… annoyance… cramps… but it also marks the beginning of the next cycle. I am happy to move on and try again, but also a bit sad.

This will be Follistim / IUI cycle #4. When Ryan and I talked about how many of these we’d try, we always said 5. Dr. Synn agreed with that decision. If we stick with the plan, that means we have only 2 more of these treatments before we hit a crossroad.

Do we stop there and start saving for IVF? At $10,000 - $12,000, we could be on hold for a long while. But when we did try again, our chances of success would be nearly twice as much as this treatment. Then again, I did get pregnant on this treatment. And we could try this route four or five more times for the cost of one IVF. It is a difficult dilemma. I guess the first step is to ask if the chances for success with Follistim decrease with continued use, as they do with Clomid.

And then there is the option of adoption, which we are open to. The problem is it will cost nearly as much as the IVF (as of now) and the information I’m getting from LDS family services (the agency we’d most likely use) is discouraging. Hundreds of adoptive couples, a small amount of babies available, and higher fees on the horizon (possibly double what they are now) is not good news for wanna-be parents like us.

My hope is that I won’t have to make these tough choices… that the next cycle is the winner.

My base ultrasound is tomorrow.

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