Monday, November 8, 2010

Base Ultrasound & Medication Reaction

Friday was my base ultrasound. I asked 2 questions:

1. Should we use something stronger than Prometrium during our next 2ww, considering I started my period while still on the medication?

Nurse H did the ultrasound and agreed that maybe we should try something else. She has two options for me, and they are checking if either of them would be covered through my insurance (thus far, the Prometrium has been the ONLY thing my insurance has helped with).

2. Does Follistim become less effective after several cycles (as the Clomid does)? Should we stick with our plan of 5 Follistim / IUIs total?

No, the effectiveness of Follistim does not decrease each cycle. You could technically use that method forever. She thinks if this one doesn't work, we should try 1 - 2 more. After that, we will want to weigh the increased chances of success with IVF with the increased cost and decide where to go from there.

My dosage this time is similar to last time: 100iu for 2 days, 75iu for 4 days. Mid-cycle Ultrasound is this Friday.

The last 2 months of Follistim brought me severe headaches. This time around, the headaches have been rare to non-existent. However, today (Day 2 of the stims) I developed a rash of tiny bumps all over my neck and half my face. It is itchy and painful. I tried to determine where they came from and I am fairly convinced they are from the Follistim. A read through the possible side effects confirmed that this is a good possibility. Nothing helps... Benadryl, Cortisone Cream, nothing.

My choices were to stop the cycle and wait until next month to try something new or push through it and hope it goes away. Considering I just spent $600 on this medication, I decided to push through it. I've resorted to pressing a cold, wet washcloth on my face all evening. I pray that this doesn't last throughout the whole week...

It is so amazing to me how different each cycle can be.

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