Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning Sickness

Yep, I have it. It's come in a few phases.

1. Phase 1 began before I even had a positive HPT. It was those "waves of nausea" I described in a previous blog. At the time, I thought if this was going to be my morning sickness, I was one lucky gal. It lightly reminded me that the pregnancy was there, but didn't really impact my life.

2. A couple weeks later, that feeling of nausea faded away. It was a bit concerning because I was afraid the disappearance of the nausea was an indication of the pregnancy ending. Two days later, it was back, and it was different. This time it was stronger. Very few foods sounded appealing, although I would be satisfied when I ate those certain things. This lasted about a week.

3. Last Saturday, I awoke to Phase 3 of morning sickness. I have the nausea almost constantly now. Nothing I do makes it much better. I still haven't actually thrown up yet, but I've dry heaved a few times. Certain foods sound good in my head, but when I actually eat them, they do not satisfy. I never fully realized how much I love food! Now it offers no joy or comfort. It's a weird paradox for me.

Will there be a Phase 4 of this morning sickness roller coaster? Will I join those poor women who spend their time hanging over a toilet? Stay tuned... ;)

And, of course it goes without saying, no matter what lies ahead, it is all sooooo worth it! I wouldn't trade it for anything!


A said...

I have just reached Phase 3 this morning. It is really bizarre to think something will fill the hunger but feel (in my case) totally worse after eating it!! So far the only things that really satisfy are crackers and pita chips ;-) For me, it also puts into perspective how much I used to eat: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert.... at this point I am lucky if I eat breakfast, a snack, and some semblance of dinner!

But I am loving this :) I prayed for this! Grow baby, grow!

stella and olivias mommy said...

morning sickness is terrible! i threw up almost e v e r y d a y until i got a rx for zofran. it was so bad that i had to be on it 24-7 for a couple of months...but i didn't really tell anyone because i felt guilty because i didn't want to sound ungrateful. so i know exactly what you're going through! if you ever need a listening ear, i'm here!