Monday, October 18, 2010

The Lesson of the Wheat

In church yesterday, our speaker told the story of Sarah Peterson. Sarah was a member of the LDS church back in the early 1850s. Her husband, Canute, was serving a mission for the church. Back then, the typical mission was not 18 or 24 months, but could last several years. When Sarah’s husband left, she was now in charge of not only caring for their family alone, but raising the wheat that would sustain the family through the long winter.

According to everyone in town, Sarah messed up. She planted her wheat too late and too deep. She had failed. As everyone else’s wheat was growing tall and strong, hers hadn’t even sprouted yet. She was told there was no hope that she would have a crop for her family that year.

But then a rash of crickets came through the area. Everyone’s wheat was eaten and wiped out. It was complete desolation. Soon after, amidst all the damage, people began to notice small buds peaking out of the ground in Sarah’s field. What used to be considered “late” was, in reality, right on time. That harvest, she had enough wheat to sustain not only her family, but the entire town.

This was a testimony to me that sometimes God’s plan is greater than we know. Everything can appear completely hopeless when, in fact, it is all part of God’s beautiful design to teach us (and maybe those around us) an important lesson.

Maybe sometimes we feel like those fields of eaten wheat. Wiped out, devastated with little hope to cling to. But it is important to always remember there could be a miracle waiting just around the corner.


Michele said...

so true... so very true.

Mrs. Lydon said...

This gives me hope, Thank you for sharing it.

Browniris said...

Thanks for sharing this story! Sometimes it is hard to give God all of our trust, but I agree with you that there is always a lesson to be learned, even if we can't see it immediately.

Hope said...

Very moving and thought provoking. I'm still mulling over what that story means to me. Thanks for sharing it.

Jana said...

Thanks for sharing.... this is just what I needed today!!! God does have a plan and I need to remember that :) Thank you again for sharing!

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting that awesome story! It really hit home to me, funny how sometimes you just really need to hear something! :)