Monday, October 11, 2010

Give 'er Some Credit!

Sometimes my body surprises me.

The last four weeks have been somewhat of a waiting game. After the miscarriage, we waited for the next cycle to begin on its own. The longest month of my life, literally. About two weeks ago, I thought we had made it, cramps and all. It was only about two weeks since the miscarriage, but I had been warned that my next cycle could come at any time.

I called the doctor's office as instructed and made an appointment for the next day. By the time I showed up to my appointment, it was gone, and a quick ultrasound proved it. (Thank you to Nurse H for not charging me, saving us $100. :))

After 2 more false starts, I was getting frustrated. Throughout this time, I was told if I didn't start on my own by October 14th, I would have to take Provera (strong progesterone) for 10 days and force myself into a period. I really didn't want to do that.

Finally, it came on its own. And, if you were to consider the miscarriage as my last "cycle", it was only 1 day late.

Sometimes, I don't give my body enough credit. I think of it as "broken", because of the unexplained infertility.

Then I have to remember... Although I may not be able to conceive for some unknown reason, my body is healthy, functioning, and can do a lot of things on its own, including bounce back quite quickly from a pregnancy loss (I wish the emotional side was that easy!). Not everyone can say that, and I should be grateful for the body I have.

Wow, a whole post dedicated to my monthly visitor. Never thought I'd see the day. :P


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear your body is doing what it should. You are right - we forget about all the things are bodies CAN do.

Savannah said...

I'm glad your body recovered quickly. I agree, if only the heart could recover as quickly. You are always in my prayers.

Luna said...

You are SOOOOO insightful! I think we all are guilty of counting our problems instead of our blessings to some degree.

Thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Glad she {AF} came naturally! Glad that you are indeed giving your body credit for all of the wonderful things it does well!

Alan and Abby said...

I just found your blog today through Savannah's blog. I hope it's okay if I follow it. I am LDS and struggling with infertility as well. Your posts have really helped me. Thank you.