Friday, October 29, 2010

High Hopes - Always a Dangerous Thing

I've got hopes for this cycle. High hopes. It doesn't help that I am having the same twinges and pulls in my abdomen that I did last time (when I became pregnant). Implantation??? Maybe... Maybe not...

No implantation bleeding yet though. I've been checking for it constantly, now that I've had that pregnancy symptom before. It feels like the old days when I was waiting for my period, hoping it wouldn't come, and checking to see if it did all the time. Now with the Prometrium, my period won't come on its own, so I thought I was done with "checking". Thanks infertility for bringing me another fun bathroom activity!

I didn't have Ryan hide the pregnancy tests this time around. I trust myself more now. Plus, after some convincing, I got Ryan to agree that we can test Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning, just like we did last time. Seeing that BFN on Thursday morning and then going straight to work would be hard. Seeing a BFN on Wednesday evening would give me time to grieve before venturing into public again.

There is the update! I hope no one reads this for a loooong time! ;)

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