Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a... BABY!

The reason I asked for prayers in my last post was because today we were supposed to do our full integrated panel. It includes an ultrasound and blood work, and looks for things like down syndrome, etc. Turns out, I am ineligible for the testing because of losing Andie. If we proceeded with the panel, I would likely get an “abnormal” result, even when things are fine with Beanie. So, we skipped the bloodwork, but still did an in-depth ultrasound.

Everything looks great! We watched Beanie for a long time. S/he was making all sorts of movements… sucking on a hand, stretching up an arm, curling into a ball. My favorite was when s/he scooted down so s/he was laying on the bottom of my uterus, and propped his/her feet up on the side wall. Ryan’s favorite moment was when s/he “air drummed” a couple beats with his/her arms (taking after Daddy already!). It was all pretty amazing.

Sometime during all this, a white lab coat suddenly blocked my view of the screen. The Prenatologist had made an appearance. He looked like a tiny mad scientist and wasn’t super friendly, but was definitely a character in his own way. Ryan and I had to hold back our smiles. Soon he marched out the door and the ultrasound continued…

Beanie’s heartrate was 152, which is the same rate we’ve gotten on our home doppler. It’s slowed down since 9 weeks (163), which is normal because s/he’s getting so much bigger. :) Even though we weren’t eligible for the full-panel, the tech measured the neck folds and got about 1.5. She cautioned me, saying that number means nothing without the bloodwork. Even so, from my research, anything under 3 is good so I am just telling myself everything is fine. We’ll do the 2nd trimester screening in a month or so and know more then. Of course, we will love our baby no matter what issues may arise, we'd just like to have a chance to prepare ourselves a bit just in case we face a challenge.

So, without further ado, I present Beanie at 14W4D:

Curled up in a ball:

Little "Grinch" feet:

Our little acrobat:

Baby face:

Our little Beanie, snuggled in tight!


Hillary said...

So thankful the baby is looking good and your appointment went well! And you DO look happy :)



A said...

so cute! i am very glad that everything looked great!

Wonder Woman said...

LOL! hooray for your rockstar baby air drumming!! That's adorable. Enjoy your little beanie

Browniris said...

Glad the ultrasound went well!