Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I went to my follow-up with Dr. M. They weighed me (I've *lost* 2 pounds so far this pregnancy - despite my extra snug jeans), and I gave my sample. Then Ryan and I waited in the exam room.

We noticed they wheeled in an ultrasound machine, which was a surprise. I didn't expect an ultrasound this time.

We waited a while when the nurse came in. Apparently, Dr. M was at the hospital delivering a baby and it was going slower than expected. So I had to leave and reschedule. Bummer!

We go back Monday now instead, and the nurse mentioned Dr. M would definitely do the ultrasound then.

The confusing thing about the ultrasound is I thought this appointment was to go over the results of the ultrasound I had last week at the perinatologist's office. I am wondering why Dr. M wants to do another one. I hope he didn't see something in last week's pictures that was alarming. I'm trying not to go to the scary place of "what if", and just look forward to seeing little Beanie again. :)


Sami said...

Since you've previously had a miscarriage and lost a twin, they probably will be doing ultrasounds regularly, to make sure everything is going fine. Most doctors won't even see you until 12 weeks, unless you are considered a high risk pregnancy. It's just a precaution :) Enjoy seeing Beanie!

Mel said...

I'm thinking they just wanted to give you another sneak peak of beanie... Praying for you

Carroll Berrett said...

Don't worry! Because you still have the sack of the other little one they will most likely do an ultrasound each time until it completely clears. To make sure that it continues to go down each week. Often times the machines that they use in the office are not as good as the ones at the perinatologist's or imaging centers. So it really is just to look. And every doctor is different, my doctor does an ultrasound at every appointment I have with him. And the weight loss probably due to the fact that you were feeling sick with all that extra illness. Don't worry and know that you are loved and have lots of people praying for you and the little one!

Lyndsey said...

You'll probably get ultrasounds every visit. Because of my miscarriage, I get them every time I see the Doc. Enjoy it! I love it. :) I have lots of pictures of my little Minion. :)

Malachi and Layne said...

love and prayers sent your way...I haven't been leaving comments, but I am thinking about you and wishing for the best!

Gina said...

I lost 7 lbs early in my pregnancy and only started gaining weight when I was about 16 weeks. Beanie is so small you don't need extra weight to support him now. Everybody is different. Just eat good stuff when your body tells you to :)