Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Moments and Exciting Adventures

Ryan and I snapped this picture on a recent trip to our temple. I am about 26 weeks along here. I love this man more than anything. He does so much for me and I am beyond blessed to have him. He's pretty dang handsome too...


On Sunday, I was spending the afternoon resting and watching Food Network. Ryan was asleep next to me on the couch. In fact, everyone in our house was asleep... Ryan, Cosmo and Bella. I was the only one awake, but that seems to be standard lately.

I take it back. Katelyn was awake too. In fact she was kicking so hard, I lifted up my shirt to watch. About that time, Cosmo woke up from his nap and wondered over to me. One thing you should know about Cosmo, he's not much of a cuddler. He cuddles with you on his own terms, and it's not too often. Well, that day he wanted to cuddle. In fact, he wanted to rest his head on my lap and place his paw right on my big ol' belly. Katelyn gave it a few good kicks, but that didn't fase him a bit.

About an hour later, Bella joined him on my lap. Now I had all three babies resting on (or inside) my belly. Very warm, but very sweet too.

It's been neat to see both my kitties cuddle up with my belly lately, even that one time when Katelyn kicked Bella right in the head. Bella's look of confusion was simply priceless. :)


The fabric for Katelyn's room should arrive tomorrow! Woot woot!


I have had horrible heartburn, but I've been tolerating it. What I couldn't tolerate was waking up with my nose and mouth full of stomach acid. I would literally breathe it into my lungs. Nothing was working (not even sleeping sitting up!). Luckily, several friends suggested a Zantec before bed. I have tried that and it has helped immensely.


I never thought I was the kind-of girl to *ever* paint her little girl's room pink. Pink??? Bleck! Well, this week we bought the paint for Katelyn's room...

Any guesses what color we got??? :P

Never say never!

Ryan's already painted it too (except for a small area to finish up). What a wonderful daddy he is!


I always thought that "pregnancy brain" was just an excuse for pregnant women to get attention or be inconsiderate. While I am not convinced that it is literally an illness ;), I will say I have been *very* distracted lately and have done some crazy things. This has included sitting at a stop sign for well over a minute or two, waiting for the "light" to turn green, completely mixing up client situations at work, nearly missing important meetings and events because I "forgot", etc. It's been hard to think about anything but my darling little girl!


Today I went for my Gestational Diabetes blood test. I don't have the results yet, but I am still giddy that I actually had to go and do it. That means I am far enough along in my pregnancy for that type of testing. What a wonderful place to be! Now I just hope I pass!


I felt Katelyn's get the hiccups! I think this was my first time feeling that happen. :) I never knew hiccups could be so cute...


If there is one thing to be said about my pregnancy, it has been eventful! I have been very blessed, avoiding any real complications and for that I am so grateful. But as for the "little things", there have been one after another! Not all are necessarily related to my pregnancy, but they are all happening in the last several months.

The latest was a kitchen fiasco. Here is some background... I am *horrible* in the kitchen. I mean, I bake well and cook decently, but I am beyond clumsy. Burns, cuts, messes, you name it. So, I finally bought myself some nice kitchen knives. Because Ryan knows me all too well, he cautioned me to be careful and not cut myself. As I was chopping green onions, I was rejoicing in how easily this new, sharp knife sliced through my large stack of onions. I guess I stopped paying attention to where my thumb was and whoops! I lost my thumbprint. As in the pad of my thumb. Sliced clean off.

After giving me a long lecture about paying attention when I am using a knife, Mr. Crime Scene Investigator snapped these pics "for posterity". My goodness, I've learned my lesson about paying attention!

Apparently, the skin should all 'regenerate' itself over time and Ryan said even my thumbprint will return...

Disclaimer: Some people find these pics pretty gross, so don't scroll down if you are easily disgusted. I think they are funny.


So that's the update around here! Life simply doesn't get better than this. :)


Ashlee G. said...

theres something fun for you on my blog.

Micha said...

That must have been one sharp knife! OUCH! You guys look so happy, even the cat ... lol

A said...

um OW about your thumb! i go for my GD test this morning! i am nervous that i won't pass, but like you, am so excited that i'm taking it!!!

Krista said...

Wow...that was a lot of!!!! I can't believe your poor thumb!!! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery....I just know it is going to be gorgeous!!!!

PalsRWe said...

Oh my, that thumb picture.. eeekkk... Glad everything will be ok. Amazing info for the family history right. :)
It's normal for all the clumsy things. My worst was when I was painting the babies room, up on a ladder, holding a gallon of paint and I blacked-out and fell off. Huge whoops... Especially the horrible mess to clean up :).. Oh well it happens

Tami said...

Your black cat looks like my black cat!!! So cute! So horrible about your finger! Loving your updates! :)