Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First Time I Saw Your Face

Yesterday, we had our first 3D ultrasound. At just over 24 weeks, Katelyn's still a little small for the 3D, super skinny and still developing. We decided to go for it anyway!

True to form, she curled in a tight ball and hid her face the whole time with her cute little hands. This girl must be camera shy. You would never know this is one of the most active babies around, kicking, punching and dancing almost hourly.

Even with the shyness, we still loved seeing a sneak peak at our baby girl. And speaking of girl, we did receive further confirmation that she is a girl. Not a rock solid confirmation though... the only time Katelyn's hands left her face was to cover herself up when we focused on that area. What a stinker. :)

Next 3D is in about 6 weeks.

She was curled in a ball with her hands by her face the whole time. Even so, she was beautiful. What a wonderful experience seeing her for the first time!

Hands in her mouth :) My little sweetheart.

For reference sake, our baby girl now weighs 1lb 7oz and was measuring 4 days behind (nothing to be concerned about though - babies hardly ever measure their exact day this far along). Everything looked perfect.


Savannah said...

She is already beautiful. :)

Sarah said...

These pretty pics made my heart flutter :) So happy you got to see your baby girl's face. So special!

Carinne said...

You don't know me. I found your blog through 'blog surfing'. I've been bouncing from one to another as I have babies on the brain. I started to focus on adoption blogs and somehow found your - although not an adoption blog. I read a number of your old posts and it brought many memories for me. I've never dealt with the infertility that you've dealt with, and I wouldn't being to say that I knew how you felt, but something you said in a post stuck with me. You said that infertility changes you. It does - as does any trial in life. I remember when I had two small boys - my oldest was about 2 1/2 and the other was under a year. I was talking to a woman in our ward, who'd just moved in. She was telling me about her inability to have children and her struggles with adoption, etc. She made the comment that I appeared to have children easily. She had no idea. I didn't tell her this, but I had had 2 miscarriages before my 1st child. Each time it took me 6+ months to get pregnant. (one miscarriage was at 14 weeks) I was told I would miscarry by oldest child and was recommended to have a D/C. Thankfully, I waited and he was fine. With my 2nd child, I started bleeding - a lot and was on bed rest for a week, convinced that I would loose him. Since then, I feel a connection to those that struggle to have a child. You'd never know it to look at our family now though. I'm pregnant with our 7th. (due in about 6 weeks) But, it hasn't been easy. I haven't had anymore miscarriages, but my 2nd child turned out to be severely Autistic and passed away 4 years ago in a sudden accident. My 4 year old is also Autistic, although not as severe. I have another child with a lifelong chronic auto-immune disease (although treatable and not life threatening at this point). After my 5th child (my son that's 4 right now) was born, I was told that I shouldn't have anymore children. We looked to foster care and were blessed to adopt a little boy that we had in our home since he was born. Although, he was born with drugs in his system and we're just waiting to find out what problems that is going to have. Then, I found out I was pregnant - again medical advice. I now am stressing not only about my own health (things look good right now), but I also stress about what this baby might come with. I can to the realization years ago that all of this is 'just life'. I just happen to be dealing with some things that might be a little more visible than some one else's trials. Someone sent me this article a number of weeks ago. I thought it was fabulous. It helped me to remember that we are all known and loved by our Heavenly Father and none of what we are dealing with is without purpose. Good luck on your pregnancy. Try not to stress (but I've been there. I still stress and worry throughout my pregnancies as I've known what can happen. )
Here's the article