Sunday, June 12, 2011

24 Weeks

This month of pregnancy went by a bit faster than in months back, which was a welcome change. Still I am living my life in weeks, trying to keep anxiety at bay, and enjoying every minute I can.

We've made it to 24 weeks! It hasn't escaped my notice that many professionals consider this the 'age of viability', meaning greater than half of the babies born at this point will survive. As exciting as it is to make it to this point, Katelyn is under strict orders to stay in there and keep cooking for a long time!

Heartburn is a daily occurrence now. Maybe I am growing Katelyn some hair, but we'll see about that. ;) My biggest struggle has been my lower back, which has progressed from a backache (which was managed by stretches and rest) to being flat-out out of alignment (as in I can't even stand up on my own). I am looking into options to help.

Other than that, things could not be better. Katelyn's heartbeat has continued to be normal and I am so grateful. I still cry on nearly a daily basis because I can not believe that this is my life. It comes on suddenly without warning. An extra strong kick, or just looking down at my growing belly, can set it off.

As for food (something always on the top of my mind) I have gotten full-on into cooking again. Things I have been craving are MEAT, chips, sour candy and milk chocolate. It is amazing how much I want meat now. What happened to the girl who didn't eat meat??? I am definitely channeling the Phoebe character from "Friends" during her pregnancy. I fought it for a while, but I have just given up and given in.

There have been many exciting moments this month... my awesome doctor's appointment, seeing the furniture arrive, seeing my feet swell... but the best moment by far was the evening of June 5th. That is when Ryan felt Katelyn kick for the very first time. I had been feeling her since week 14, but she always stopped performing whenever there was a hand on my belly (even mine!). Finally, that night, she was really going to town. I grabbed Ryan's hand and put it on my belly. Within a couple seconds, she kicked him right in the hand. Ryan just looked at me. He didn't say much, but I know it was a very special moment for him, for both of us, and I'll never forget it.

At 24 weeks:


Krista said...

It makes me so happy to see your pictures! I love how happy you are! I hope you can get some relief for the back pain soon....booo on that!!

Mrs. Lydon said...

Sounds great!!! Yay for that big kick that let daddy in!! I can't wait to (hopefully) make it to that point!

Sarah said...

You look lovely! :) I am going to live vicariously through you until its our time! I love reading your updates and Im so glad katelyns ticker is doing great! Now go make yourself a meat pie :)

Luna said...

You look so beautiful!! I am so glad this pregnancy is suiting you so well!

As far as back pain, I highly recommend a chiropractor. I has seen one for 2 of my pregnancies and have been so thankful I did. I will send you an email about my experience and which doctor I saw.

Suzanna said...

Channeling your Phoebe, lol!

For as the back pain, my mom had to go to a chiropractor for... 3? of her pregnancies. For her the pelvic bone kept slipping out of place. Made one leg shorter than the other and caused her lots of pain to walk around much. Chiropractor was definitly a blessing to have, our mom was a lot nicer.... lol.

btw I love seeing pictures of how you're doing. I can't imagine you looking any happier. :)