Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Week’s Appointment

I am really behind in my blogging. Everything has been so busy… work, home, church. But I need to document last week’s doctor’s appointment, as it was really special to me. Because I waited so long to write about it, I have lost some of the specifics, but I still smile when I think about how wonderful I felt after that appointment.

I met with Nurse R this time. Basically, everything is “perfect” with both Katelyn and I. In fact, she must have used the word “perfect” about 20 times.

We listened to Katelyn's heartbeat. It sounded beautiful. No skipped beats to be heard.

We reviewed last month’s ultrasound. Katelyn’s growth is perfect. The placenta is placed nicely. The blood flow in and out of the uterus was great. All of my screening produced really low ratios (1/5000 for Down’s; 1/10,000 for the other syndromes tested). My blood work is phenomenal (Nurse R said the results were beautiful for a woman in general, and even more so for a pregnant woman).

Everything about how my body is handling pregnancy is perfect. Perfect blood pressure (it’s been 120/60 the last 3 appointments), weight gain (12 pounds at 23 weeks), measurements (belly measures right on track – 3 cm over belly button), etc. She said if you were to write a textbook, it could be based on this pregnancy (even with my heart rate scares and aura headaches).

It is not that I am a pessimistic person, but getting pregnant was so difficult, I just assumed I would have a difficult pregnancy too. I am amazed and indescribably blessed that things have gone so well. I know that many other women do not get the same great news at their OB appointments. My heart breaks for them, and I am just feeling very, very grateful.

Update on my auras / seizures: I went ahead with the EEG and all results look normal. I am almost afraid to say it as I don’t want to jinx myself, but I haven’t had an episode in over two weeks now. Dr M said 1/3 of all women get worse as pregnancy progresses, 1/3 get better and 1/3 stay the same. Is it possible I could be part of the 1/3 who get better??? I am hopeful!


Savannah said...

Glad everything is progressing perfectly. :) Here's to knocking on wood for no more headaches.

Mrs. Bushey said...

Good to hear everything is perfect. I hope it continues that way.

Suzanna said...

Very happy for you :)