Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Infertility Game Plan

I decided to write down a little Game Plan through the IUI level of treatment. I have no idea how successful this will be at helping me though those difficult days, but maybe leaning back on these things will help.

I am promising myself the following:

-Unless a situation arises which necessitates that we move on sooner, we will complete 5 (and only 5) IUI cycles before moving on to IVF.

-We will begin at the end of Summer 2010. This is purely for financial reasons.

-As finances permit, we will alternate one treatment cycle with one non-treatment cycle. During the non-treatment cycles, we will either try on our own or take a break, whichever we feel like!

-I will take the entire day off work for the IUIs, if able. I'll use this day to just "baby" myself. :)

-I will try to be kind to Ryan throughout this process, even when the hormones are screaming otherwise!

-I will try to minimize unnecessary 'infertility talk' as much as possible, and make my life about more than just makin' babies.

-As hard as this is, I will try not to over-analyze every symptom during the 2-week wait (time between the IUI and the start of the next cycle). To help with this situation, I will plan lots of time with close friends and my hubby, doing fun activities to distract me (nights out, movies, working on our home) .

-During this process, if I am 'not up to' a particular activity or obligation, I will be understanding of this and will not to feel guilty. I will expect that same understanding from those around me. I deserve that.

-I will be there for my friends who are mothers and experctant mothers, but I will also be there for myself. If something is too painful, I will decline to participate or will reward myself later for getting through it.

-We will begin getting our 3 bedroom ready for a child.

-If we experience a failed cycle, hubby and I will treat ourselves to some TLC; this could be a nice dinner out, a couple days away, or a purchase for our house, just something for the two of us.


Rachel said...

I like your game plan strategies!

It's very important to take care of you and your hubby during this journey!

I look forward to following your blog!


Oh... and love your rules page!

Marla.z said...

Stopping by from ICLW. I support your decision to alternate treatment and non-treatment cycles. Sounds like a good plan to me.

lmc5004 said...

Dont be worried about the gonal-f, they really arent bad. Im not bruised persay, I more have little red circles where I gave the injections. they look like chicken pox kinda. And they are NOT sore. Good Luck!

Musewander said...

Sounds like a wise and well-thought out plan... bravo! You sound like you'll be taking good care of yourself, mentally & physically--which is so very necessary when undergoing all this! I'll be praying that a) the finances fall into place without too much strain on ya'll, b) that the hormones don't make you feel too crazy, c) that your DH will know when to hug you & tell you he loves you, and when to give you space, and d) that you won't need to worry about IVF at all--that these IUI's will do the trick!

This is a hard road-- don't beat yourself up too much about needing to vent or journal out your IF frustrations or worries... better to let it out than hold it in for a bigger explosion of emotions later, right?

Praying for your dreams of a family to be realized soon~

Amy Nielson said...

Sounds like a great game plan! I look forward to helping you have fun during this time (or anytime) so you don't get discouraged. :)