Monday, May 10, 2010

Preparing for RE Consultation

Wednesday is our consultation with Dr. S. It has been three years since I've been in that office. I am beyond excited to be back and to start this next chapter. I have compiled a list of questions / topics that I want to make sure we address. I hope I am not missing anything...

Topic: Testing
- What tests do we need to repeat? Day 3 bloodwork? SA? HSG? (No, not the HSG!!)
- I want to be tested for MTHFR, a blood clot issue
- Should we do a postcoital? We've never had this test, and I sometimes wonder if my body is 'attacking' his sperm? Is there value to doing this test?
- Along those same lines, I have heard that immune system problems can be the cause of many "unexplained" infertility cases. Are there any other tests that can look for these issues?

Topic: IUI
- Is there any value to doing a monitored, 'natural' IUI cycle? Or are the success rates so small, it's not worth it?
- I will not 'selectively reduce', which means we need to tread carefully through the 'medicated IUI' process.
- How can we control the amount of medication to reduce the chances of multiples?
- Would we cancel the cycle if there are 'too many' follicles? Or would we switch to IVF mid-cycle and, if so, what is the cost?
- Does he feel a medicated IUI treatment plan would ultimately be successful? Is this the treatment he still recommends for me personally?

Things to do tomorrow:
- Call blood bank and confirm blood type. (Check! I am O+ and Ryan is O-. I don't believe there is any complications there, but I'll ask anyway.)
- Call Primary Care Physician and collect last year's blood test results (Check! They will fax it over to Synn's office.)

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