Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down Moments

I hate those down moments.

You know, those times when everything grinds to a halt and your heart suddenly feels like it weighs a thousand pounds?

It comes out of nowhere.

It could be because I overhear people talking about babies or children or pregnancy. It could be because of some commercial I saw or a comment made to me in passing. Sometimes, it happens for no reason at all.

At that moment, it feels like I will never recover: crushing and heavy. Those first few seconds are the worst part.

Then slowly, somehow, I lift myself out of that moment and continue on my day. Sometimes, it just takes a second, sometimes longer. But eventually I get there, and life is normal again.

But, boy do I hate those down moments.


Wynn Family said...

I've got Heath Bar Ice cream in my freezer and peanut M&M's hiding in my closet and I'm just dying to wrap you up in a hug!!! How fast can you get here?? :)
NO? Well, in those moments, depending how many I've had recently I throw it up to God and ask, "Can you please shoulder this one? Because I'm just plain worn out of feeling like this!!" And Michelle, I would shoulder them all for you if I could!! I love you!!!

Jana said...

I am glad to know I am not alone in my down moments. I get so upset with myself for having them, but now to realize that yes other people have them too really helps me to realize its ok to have down moments as long as I do what you said and pick myself up....sometimes that is really hard. Thanks for posting

Kelly said...

I could have written this post myself. It just plain sucks.