Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life's Little Gifts

I had an amazing time with my husband the last two nights. We didn't do anything particularly unusual, just spent time alone together, him and me. What we shared would not have been possible with children running around the house. This is one of those times I am choosing to be grateful for the place I am right now.


Kristin said...

I'm glad you found a silver lining. {{{Hugs}}}


Amy Nielson said...

I remember those moments too with my husband. They were nice. :) Our relationship was able to get better, I think, because we had more time "just the two of us".

Luke and Nat said...

You know, on the other end of things now, not with pregnancy but finally going thru the adoption process to FINALLY get "our baby"...I promised myself that I would never have a frustrating day, never be agitated at my child (or foster child), never be impatient with my husband...all in the name of so desperately wanting to have a child to appreciate. That is why I SO needed to hear your blog tonite. I don't think I have said a kind word tonite to Luke, our 4 yr old foster girl (I have been kind to our baby but hey, she's 6 months)...but anyway...this just reminded me how much I have to be appreciative of...after waiting so long to have what as I remember is what I always wanted and prayed for like 20 times a day...I really built myself up for failure thinking life would be just perfect once I have a kid, or 2, or 3...we just finalized our adoption today and it was a very happy morning...and for some reason the day just kept getting worse and worse...parenting is ALOT harder than I thought (i don't have near the patience and love I thought I had 24-7)and I forgot how much I enjoyed spending time with my husband (kids or no kids)until I just read this...stress comes in all stages of marriage, how silly of me to think it would end when we adopted...I love your blog Michelle I really do, because although I FINALLY have a positive prego test and have adopted a little one, I still deal with the same issues that plagued me during the infertility txts yr after yr...that's what therapy is for, no? to work out all the's hard to overcome 61/2 yrs of inadequacy and feelings of failure in the short 6 months we've had our new little one...thanks for all your encouraging words and insights...I need to go eat crow and appologize to my husband and give him a kiss, lol and remember why I wanted to be a mom so bad, because sometimes I forget it during the stress of the day...I envy your blog, because when you have your 6 or 8 can look back and relate to all those kind younger souls who are now in our shoes and remember what we went thru..I on the other hand need to write it down before I forget the 100+ feelings/emotions that have filled my brain and my life for so're such an inspiration!

Amy said...

Those are good nights. I enjoy them too. It makes things a little better at least for the moment.