Saturday, October 11, 2008

The screams only a mother can love... Seriously.

I think kids are cute. Really. I can find something cute about nearly every kid I see, no matter how bratty or homely they may appear. But I draw the line at this.

I went grocery shopping today and this mom and dad had two shopping carts, with one child sitting in the basket of each. These kids were probably ages 3 and 5, or so. I was already a little annoyed because their parents would park both carts side-by-side in the isle. I would have to suck in and squeeze my way through to get to something, grab it, and suck in/squeeze my way back. This happened several times. One time the mother looked at me and gave me a half-hearted 'sorry' but made no attempt to move her cart (one of her carts!) so I could get through.

Anywho, a little later into my shopping experience, they started playing a game with their kids. I'm not sure what game exactly, but it caused the kids to scream at the top of their lungs. Not one or two screams, but continually. Many, many screams. For ten minutes. A long time. The parents thought this was hilarious.

Maybe I'm a tad bitter, but I feel I deserve the right to shop without picking up a migraine along with my groceries. Maybe you think your kids' ear-piercing, blood-curdling screams are amusing, but I don't. I love the sounds of happy children: giggling, laughing, and even a cute squeal or two, but at some point, shouldn't you respect the peace of others and keep it noise-appropriate in public? Or am I just sour grapes?


Isa said...

No. You are NOT sour grapes. I don't think it is okay for children to scream for 10 minutes in a grocery store (or ever) AND I have actually moved carts when kids are in them if they are in my way OR the way of another person.

I mean...come ON! I actually don't take my kids to the grocery store as a rule. We are both happier that way.

Also, since when is it a family event anyhow? Can't Mom or Dad take the kids to the park and the other go shop it peace? For the LOVE.

April said...

This is why I always have my iPod with me at the grocery avoid these types of situations. While those screams are music to the parents' ears, I mostly just find it annoying... I suppose we can chalk it up on the if-I'm-ever-a-parent-I-won't-let-my-kids-do-that-(hopefully) list.

:) a

Kristie said...

Absolutely NOT sour grapes! I hate kids' screaming - ESPECIALLY my own! It is most definitely NOT music to my ears! You have every right to be annoyed!

Robby and Katie said...

That's why we go grocery shopping at 10:00 at night. What's even crazier is that Katie will drag us along with her on a Saturday night (last night for example). I absolutely HATE grocery shopping and I especially hate the idea of the kids screaming. I would never encourage that like some other parents.

When it's late on a Saturday night and Katie says we need to stop at the grocery store before we get home I immediately think food storage!

I HATE grocery shopping!!!! Am I just sour grapes????

Furr said...

You are not just sour grapes... I have serious issues with people who let their children scream bloody murder in stores, at church, etc. While I realize that the parents are probably at their wits ends, it's just rude. I say finish your shopping or finish where you're at, take the kid(s) out and let the rest of us shop in peace.


LOL :)