Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Infertility Currency

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it is funny how infertility changes you, and permeates every aspect of your life.

One small example is how I think about money. Dollars? What are those? Everything in my life is valued in treatment terms now… and this new currency comes with a ridiculous exchange rate!

A nice night out with the hubby is no longer fifty dollars. It is now an Ovidril Ovulation Trigger Shot.

My husband’s new uniform and boots cost one vile of Follistim Egg-Stimulating Hormone.

I projected our taxes for 2010, and in April we will owe the government one complete medicated cycle.

Sometimes it’s funny to think about, sometimes it’s depressing…

I need new tires on my car. There goes an IUI.

Our electric bill is 3 bottles of prenatals.

I can’t turn it off.


Anyone else use infertility currency???


LT aka Laura aka Lil La said...

I know I will start using that currency soon! I use "clothing" currency "two pairs of jeans, pair of shoes" etc. (so superficial, I know) but that's my passion and distraction:).
Lately, I've been thinking of chunks of $$ that are to be "half of adoption" or "half of invitro" just not sure which label to give them yet...I automatically assume that I will have to do the most drastic and expensive procedure. For some reason I expect the worst so I can have less dissapointment...sick, I know.
Wouldn't it be nice if insurance covered ALL infertility treatments??! Keep dreaming???

Ashley said...

A Kate Spade bag costs about 600 IUs of Follistim. We used to count currency in terms of "rent" and I remember when I sat and looked at a bag and said, "Do I want this or the chance for a baby? What if the cost of this bag will do it?"

Hate it. So sorry you're there. <3