Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today was the day. Ryan called into work so that he could experience the whole thing with me. (He had not attended the IUIs in the past.) We did a drop off at the doctor's office and then grabbed an early lunch.

Even though I have done IUIs before, it was nearly 4 years ago, so I was still pretty nervous. It all went perfectly.

Ryan's numbers were off the charts, literally. The actual procedure went flawlessly and it was fun having Ryan there to make jokes and keep the mood light.

Even so, I know there are many, many IUIs that are flawless, but there is no pregnancy. I understand the statistics we are dealing with.

But I can't deny the thrill of hope I feel when I think that this time might be different.

FINANCE UPDATE: Follistim and Ovidrel cost $600. Two ultrasounds at $95 each. Prometrium (Progesterone supplements) cost $35. Prenatals, baby aspirin and pregnancy tests were about $55. Today's IUI totaled $335. Cycle total to date: $1215.


Malachi and Layne said...

if it is any consolation to you, your IUI cycle is MUCH MUCH cheaper than mine total cost was over $4,000.00 and that was only Lepori, Follistim, Prometrium, Estradial, Ultrasounds, Sperm spining, and the actually procedure! Feel lucky for that!

RMCarter said...

I hope no one thinks I posted the cost of everything in order to get sympathy or "brag" about how much we spent! I only posted it for my own records, and to help friends. I have a few blog readers who will be doing the same treatment with my same doctor and I thought it would be helpful for them to have a breakdown of the prices, since it's so hard to get a straight answer from the web or the doctor.

I do feel so, so lucky. Not only that we are able to get a chance at parenthood for such a low cost, but that after years and years of waiting, we finally have the money to try it.