Thursday, July 22, 2010

All systems are a go

The second ultrasound was today. All week, I have been praying that the Follistim will do its job, without overdoing it. My prayers were answered, and we have 2 great looking eggs. The one on the right measures 20mm and the one on the left measures 14mm. They will continue to grow over the next couple days, and both should be released at ovulation. My lining looks good, measuring 8.1 and showing a clear triple layer.

I will give myself the Ovidrel injection tonight at 9pm. Or, rather, Ryan will do it. He's been begging to do one of the injections. Saturday morning, I'll have the IUI.

Here we go!

Speaking of injections, Ryan suggested I have a little fun with them. After the second day, I pointed out my injection points looked like 2 little eyes. Ryan wondered why I didn't just create an entire happy face. So, I did. :) Can you see the smiley face? (You are looking at a small section of my abdomen.)


Savannah said...

I love the smiley face! What a great thing to have for the what if, it will make a great story and have a cute picture to follow.

Amy Nielson said...

I can see it!! :) I think it is funny that Ryan was begging to give you an injection. He just wanted to stab you!! ;)