Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And so here we are...

It was originally my intention to delay blog postings about my treatments until there was a final result. Over the past few days, I have learned that many people in my life are already aware of the timing of our treatments due to word of mouth.

We have a huge network of supportive family and friends. Since the information is out there now, there is no reason to delay my posts anymore. As you can see, I have gone ahead with posting our journey up until now.

In a couple weeks, we should find out if this cycle worked. All I ask is please respect our privacy when it comes to revealing the results. Whether positive or negative, I want time to adjust, celebrate or mourn. Please do not ask me if I know the results or what they might be. Please let me share them in my own time.

I do appreciate all the support. When I first started in this journey, I felt completely alone. Although the loneliness of infertility is still there, it is eased by an incredibly supportive husband and the (sometime spoken / sometimes silent) good wishes and sincere prayers of family, friends, ward members, associates, acquaintances, blog friends and complete strangers. For that I thank you.


Renee Hart said...

We will be offering good wishes and sincere prayers in your behalf.

annoyed army wife said...

You and your husband will be in the thoughts and prayers.