Monday, July 12, 2010

Base Ultrasound

Much as I expected, I started this cycle on Sunday the 4th, which meant I was at Girls Camp during the time I was supposed to have my first ultrasound. So, we ended up going with Plan B, and I took birth control for one week.

Today, I went into the doctor's for my base ultrasound. Hillary took care of us. There were no cysts (yay!) and everything looked great. I had so many black spots inside my ovaries on the ultrasound. Each black spot is a sort-of "pre-follicle" and I had a ton of them! At least ten on my right and more than five on my left.

Because of these fantastic results, we are going with a low dose of hormones. (We were going to use Gonal-f, but it looks like now we will be using Follistim instead. It is basically the same thing.) My dose is 75iu a day. I'll begin the injections on Saturday, July 17th in the morning, and continue them for six days. The sixth day is Thursday the 22nd.

That morning, I'll give myself the last injection and then head to my next ultrasound. At that time, we'll see if the drugs worked and if we're ready for the next step.

The best part of the day, was that Ryan came with me to the appointment. Even though he worked the night before, and even though he works tonight. Even though he was tired, and even though we waited nearly an hour in the lobby. Even though the room was cramped, and even though it was awkward so close to a 'vaginal ultrasound'. He did it all for me and I was so, so grateful!

FINANCE UPDATE: I just ordered the Follistim and Ovidrel at a cost of $600. Today's ultrasound was $95 and the Prometrium (Progesterone supplements) was $35. Of course, I had to buy some preggo tests online, at a cost of $30. Prenatals and baby aspirin were about $25. Cycle total to date: $785.


Chhandita said...

Best of luck!!!

Jenn said...

You might think I'm crazy but the pregnancy tests at the dollar store work great... just in case you need to buy more in the future! :)

Good luck with everyting, I've done Follistim a few times and you can also find women who are willing to sell boxes of injectibles they didn't use on craigslist and other fertility websites for cheap! And it's legal! It doesn't hurt to look around if you end up having to do it a few more times. :) Every little $$ counts!