Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Preliminary Blood Test Results

My doctor's office just called to let me know of my blood test results. Tim, my acupuncturist, had suggested I have a full panel of tests on my thyroid. Abnormalities with your thyroid can contribute to infertility.

According to Ruth at my doctor's office, my thyroid looks "normal". Tim said that sometimes doctors will call you normal because each area falls in the "normal" range. However, if one area is pretty low within the normal range, while another is high, but still within the normal range, the reaction between the two can still be causing a problem. I asked Ruth to send me a copy and I will let Tim take a look at it.

Even though I am SO used to every test result looking perfect, it's still pretty disappointing. I was hoping there might be something there that could be a cause of my infertility. Four years now of looking for the "cause". (((Sigh))) Oh well, I guess we'll see what Tim says about the results. Until then I just keep keeping on!

For now, I am just looking forward to our beach trip. It should be a fun time!

PS. As a side note, Ruth also said my cholesterol was completely normal and my triglycerides, another fatty substance that increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, are GREAT. Not too shabby! Now, bring on the bacon! (Just kidding)

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