Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Relax!

Ahh, the advice so freely given by well-intentioned people. Just relax and you'll get pregnant! This is one step up from the ever-helpful: Just forget about it and it will happen (hmmm, how about, don't think about polar bears...what? You're thinking about polar bears now? Imagine that...)

Okay, we have established that telling someone to relax does no good. But what about the actual act of relaxing? What benefits can come from that?

Well, I have been giving it a try. I have actually been relaxing, meditating, visualizing, whatever you want to call it. I lay down flat, close my eyes, and listen to a CD filled with oriental sounding music and a calming voice... "concentrate on your feet, releasing all the tension..." At first, it felt strange, uncomfortable, and a tad embarrassing. But then something happened, I began to relax.

I try to do a session everyday. Many times, I fall asleep, but that's okay. I have actually found a lot of comfort in it.


Robby Pauline said...

I love this idea of telling someone to "just relax". The other day I actually found myself telling a patient who was having a massive lower body spasm (after a stroke) to try and relax. Good advice Rob, I immediately thought of that when I read your feelings on the notion of relaxing on cue. Has Ryan played any tricks on you while you are listening to your oriental music? What a vulnerable time, I hope he behaves himself.

RMCarter said...

Hi Robby,
Don't be too hard on yourself. In that situation, I think telling a patient to relax is exactly right. What I'm talking about are the people who give that advice flippantly as they are passing by and then continue on their merry way, leaving me to wonder exactly how I am supposed to accomplish that.

No, Ryan hasn't tried any funny business while I am "relaxing". I think he's still a little confused at what exactly it is I am doing. However, I will not put that idea into his head... :)