Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pregnancy is Beautiful!

Now, I've probably mentioned in a previous entry that I've been a bit of a sweller... 

First, I need to disclaim that everything looks great with the pregnancy.  I have always had great blood pressure numbers, never had protein in my urine, and my weight gain is on par.  So besides being really uncomfortable, there is nothing horrible about the fact that my feet swell. 

But I thought it would be a fun thing to document anyway.  They say pregnancy is beautiful... well it can also be a bit hilarious too.

My swelling issue started in my feet only.  Ryan "affectionately" called them my Fred Flintstone Feet.  One day, he drew this cute cartoon of my foot on the grocery list.  It was pretty true to life.  I love a man that always keeps me laughing.

Soon, the swelling spread to my ankles. This was an especially bad night. It reminds me of the Klumps...

I wish I had a picture of my foot when it was normal to compare to.  This picture alone doesn't do it justice.  My normal foot and ankle is about half as thick as what you see here.

Luckily, the swelling has stayed below my knees, for the most part.  And waiting to see what will become of my feet each day has become a guessing game.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  I avoid sodium, drink lots of water, use compression stockings, etc.  Some days, your feet just have to swell anyway.  So I am going with it.

And I still say pregnancy is beautiful!

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