Friday, May 6, 2011


I met with the neurologist. The wait was long... the appointment was long... I joked on my Facebook that the neurologist was really busy, so there must be a lot of people in my town who need their head examined... har har. (Joking helps relieve my anxiety.)

The neurologist was nice, but he is the typical "scientist"... Interrupting, mumbling to himself, shoving papers in front of me to read/complete, kind-of a confusing experience. One moment he'd make me feel better ("It does seem like these are simply migraine auras...") and the next he'd say something frighting ("however, these symptoms put you at a high risk of stroke, especially being pregnant and all."). It was a total roller coaster. After my appointment, I read reviews about him on the internet and they scared me (pushes pills, orders unnecessary tests, etc). I'm not sure I would recommend him...

I refused the MRI, but he did talk me into 2 tests (as of now - I haven't 100% decided to go through with them). One is the EEG (records my brain waves) and the other a blood test (to assess my propensity for stroke). I was worried about the EEG until he told me it simply records the brain waves, there are no x-rays used, and they even perform this test on small babies so it should be okay.

The tests are most likely expensive and I'm not sure the point. I am pretty convinced these are migraine auras and there's not much you can do about those. I don't want to take any medications, especially while pregnant. Not to mention I have to fast 12 hours before one test and get only 3 hours of sleep the night before the other one. Hmmm... sounds a bit rough as right now the things my body wants most are sleep and food! :)

It remains to be seen where this goes from here. I feel like I am handling the "episodes" okay. I am sure Beanie isn't hurt by what's going on. It was a little unnerving talking about medications and testing, all while feeling baby jumping and rolling around in my belly. The whole experience was a bit too much to handle and I had a tiny breakdown in the bathroom afterward. But I pulled myself together, got some lunch and went to work. All is well now.

Where I go from here though, I don't know. Do I just do the tests? Do I refuse it all? Maybe do the blood test, but not the EEG? Perhaps put everything on hold to see if the auras go away after the pregnancy? Ask Dr. M for a referral to a different neurologist? I just don't know...


Brock said...

An EEG is the easiest thing you will ever do! You literally lay there and they put little electrodes on your head. Cami has had 3 of them. Her first was at 8 months. You will probably have a lovely nap. I think as much info as you can get is good. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with but I think information is power. I would hate to see you not treat something and then have an episode while driving and get in real trouble.

If you want a buddy I will go with you to any and all doc appointments!

RMCarter said...

I had an EEG when I was younger. (And an MRI, actually.) You're right, they are no big deal (other than having only 3 hours sleep and laying on your back on a flat, hard table at 20 weeks pregnant...). I am just skeptical of this doctor and it's making me question his motives. I had these "episodes" when I was going through puberty. We had everything thoroughly tested at that time, and things looked fine. I have a huge feeling these are hormonal and will probably disappear after pregnancy, just as they did after puberty. If not, I am open to whatever tests may be needed then.

About the driving, I always have a good 10 minute notice before any major symptoms occur. Plenty of time to pull over and call someone. So that should be okay. :)

Thanks for your offer! I may take you up on that sometime!!

Tami said...

You have to feel good about your Doctor...its really important, so if he makes you nervous its just going to stress you out even more which isn't good for the baby.
Tough choices though! I am sure you will be guided in the right direction though! :)

Luna said...

You have obviously thought about it a lot. I would lean toward the idea that it is hormonal as well. So it make take a little while after pregnancy, and potentially even breastfeeding.

BUT... it might be good to make sure, you just never know sometimes. But those do sound like hard limitations leading up to the tests. Maybe a second opinion would be a good idea. Most insurance plans have the option of a second opinion built into the plan. maybe look into your insurance plan and how to go about obtaining a second opinion.

No Baby Ruth said...

I would definitely look into getting a second opinion. For me, trusting in the doctor and his opinion is one of the most important things. Otherwise you'll never feel totally confident in his recommendations. I hope that you get it figured out!