Monday, April 18, 2011

16 Weeks

Last Friday, I hit the 16 week mark. I can honestly say this has been the longest 16 weeks of my life (because of the anxiety and waiting for our baby to finally be in our arms – not because I’m not enjoying pregnancy). They have also been the happiest 4 months too.

I have received advice from several people to document my growing belly. At first, I resisted. I didn’t really see the point. I especially hate those pictures of pregnant women where they cut their head off (presumably to focus solely on the belly?). I think that’s creepy. However, so many people have encouraged me to do it, I decided to take more pictures than I originally planned on (although I promise never to be headless). I guess I just figure we waited a long time for this, why not celebrate it?!

A few pregnancy tidbits…
- The heartburn train has pulled into the station. I’ve got it (and good!). Some days are worse than others. On the bad days, I get heartburn from *everything*. It’s actually kind-of funny. ;)
- I never realized how much your body has to stretch during pregnancy. Wowzers! I’ve got tightened rubber bands all through my groin, between my legs, in my thighs, you name it. Standing on my right leg by itself is barely tolerable. Shaving my legs is getting comical (and I’ve got so far to go!).
- You will spend $70 on a *pillow* if there is a chance a good night sleep could result.
- I LOVE feeling our baby move.
- Apparently, Beanie can hear me now. So, I sing to him/her in the car sometimes. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing…
- I get nosebleeds sometimes in the mornings.
- After a year and a half, I am eating meat again. And I blame it all on the baby!!
- As a child/teenager, I would occasionally get migraines with auras (numb hands and face, blind spots, trouble speaking, etc). At some point, I just stopped having them and went over 15 years without even one. Then, the week after my miscarriage, I had one. Fast forward to now and I've had 3 in just over a week. I'm wondering how long they'll stick around, as they are kind-of scary!
- My tummy is growing, and I’m still amazed every time I look down. :)


Luna said...

Oh man! I love belly shots. I did them with my last 2 pregnancies, (I wish I knew to do them with the first.) But I am one that cropped it down to my belly. I never really thought about it. I guess ultimately it was to focus on the belly.... but mainly because I didn't want to focus on all the other places that were growing too.

I would have to say, the only time I like taking pictures of myself is when I am pregnant. I guess it gives me a reason for my belly to be round!

RMCarter said...

Okay, that makes sense then! I think I always thought it was creepy because I didn't understand why women did it. I am not that far along yet, so as I plump up everywhere in the next several months, maybe I'll reconsider the "headless belly shot". ;) I, too, have always been most self-conscious of my stomach, so it is nice that it's *supposed* to be round now. :D

Krista said...

You are looking beautiful (and glowing!) Michelle! I love the photos...keep em coming!!! So sorry to hear about the migraines...must be from all the hormones. Hopefully now that your body is getting used to the won't get any more of those nasty things!

Mrs. Bushey said...

I admit all of my belly shots are headless. But my reason is that I take them at the end of the day and I usually look pretty reckless up top, lol.

I've also had horrible heartburn that has continued to get worse as I've gotten farther along. But Zantac is the solution. Seriously. Ask your doctor if it's something they allow, as I know all doctors are different. It's the only thing my OB allows other than malox and tums. But it is a life saver!!

PalsRWe said...

You look Adorable, gotta love the little Belly Bump. Keep the photos coming, you will always love looking at them in the years to come..
So "Happy" for you.

No Baby Ruth said...

You look so great!! Glowing, even! I totally think that the first 16, or even 20, weeks dragged on. After that, though, it really starts to pick up and time will begin to fly. Enjoy this time as much as you can!!