Monday, April 11, 2011

Meeting Nurse R

I never did an update from my last OB appointment… so here I am, just one week late. ;)

I met with Nurse R, Dr M’s nurse practitioner. She is wonderful in all the motherly ways you would want a nurse practitioner to be. I almost feel like I have the love and care of a midwife when I am with her (not that I know how a midwife is, just how I imagine it would be). First, we weighed (I’ve gained a whole 1 pound – Something tells me I’ll catch up pretty quickly though…). Then she answered my list of crazy, out-of-nowhere questions (chicken pox risk, minor eczema breakout, a kitty-question, etc). We set up my 2nd trimester screening. Finally, she used the doppler to listen to Beanie’s heartbeat. Her doppler is better than mine at home, and it was amazing how loud and detailed the heartbeat sounded. I could literally hear the blood pumping through little Beanie’s heart.

Our next appointment will be with Dr M at the beginning of May. In this practice, you alternate between Nurse R and the doctor with each appointment. Following that, we have our 2nd trimester screening, which will also be when we learn if Beanie is a Jack or a Katelyn. :)


Tami said...

So happy for you! Sounds like things are going wonderfully. Thanks for your support. And I love the name Katelyn...obviously. :)

Ashlee G. said...

hey lady! you've been awarded on my blog!