Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Lessons Learned

Five years ago, I started on this long and bumpy road of trying to start a family. Last year, I wrote about earning my "Bachelor's Degree in Reproductive Science". I was hoping I wouldn't be headed to 'Graduate School' on the subject, but such is life!

Anywho, this year I decided to list lessons learned. Infertility has taught me many things, I will name just five.

5. You can be truly and honestly happy for other people and, at the same time, feel jealous or sad. This doesn't make you a hypocrite or a bad person; it makes you human... and your friends will love you anyway.

4. As long as there are people in the world, stupid things will be said. It can't be helped, so you might as well wipe away those tears and laugh about it. (Still working on this one.)

3. Always pray, even if you feel angry or resentful, abandoned or ignored. Angry prayers are better than no prayers.

2. There is only so much you can do. After that, you have to let go.

1. And above all else, the words of Plato: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle (even those who's life seems perfect).

Perhaps instead of saying these are lessons learned, I should say they are lessons I'm learning. But I am closer than I've ever been.

So, here's to year 5! (Note the forced enthusiasm - haha!)


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog-we have our faith in common and it is being tested by infertility. I appreciate you sharing your story and thought these 5 things are very true!

Amy Nielson said...

After reading your 5 leasons you are learning I can especially relate to #5. I remember feeling very much the same way. I thought something was wrong with me though since I would feel happy for others but then go cry because I wanted that too. I remember some friends trying to make me feel better by saying they knew how I felt because it took them 6 months to get pregnant or something like that. But somehow that didn't comfort me. They didn't go through all the dr appts and poking and proding time after time. But it was nice of them to try. Then I thought well maybe you feel the same cause you have been going through this for 5 years and mine was only 2 1/2 years. Sometimes there is nothing that people can "say" to make you feel better. Getting pregnant would be what would make you feel better!! :)