Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arms Full of Babies

A couple days ago, I saw a picture posted online. It was a new mother in a hospital bed. She was holding her twin babies.

When I looked at that picture, I literally thought, "Her arms are full of babies". And then I felt my arms ache. Really. A physical reaction from a mere thought. Strange that can actually happen.

My arms ache for babies. My babies. Even with that painful thought, I am strangely comforted. Way back in my mind, I think I can picture a time when my arms will be full. And I can almost almost imagine what that might feel like.


Ashlee G. said...

I know the feeling. and I just love that quote at the bottom. Faith in God means having faith in His timing. That's beautiful.

Michele said...

Every now and then, I see a mom with five kids- 2 girls and 3 boys- and I feel my eyes water and my heart hurt. I dont think it ever goes away.

Musewander said...

Good positive thinking!! Keep it up. Love the quote, too. Praying for you to be blessed with a little one soon~

Tami said...

I feel that ache and tug at my heart arms feel so empty also.
I hope someday both of our arms are full of babies. :)