Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TCM - What to do, what to do?

Recently, I made the decision to forgo western medicine for a while and look to Traditional Chinese Medicine for a treatment plan. This was not a decision I came to lightly. There was months of research and prayers involved in making this decision and I feel really comfortable about it now.

My question is, since I have decided on a different direction in my journey, which path should I take? There are three options I am considering:

1. Using the TCM information I have, create my own treatment plan. This would include creating a diet from the foods recommended, researching and ordering my own herbal mixtures online, and providing acupressure to myself using the specialized points diagramed in my book.

2. I found a local acupuncturist that treats infertility. Notice I didn't say specializes in infertility. It's basically on his list of things he'll address. He also provides the herbs he feels will work with your treatment program.

3. I have been receiving a weekly newsletter from Hethir Rodriguez, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. She has recently released several programs which help a woman to boost her fertility naturally. After speaking with her, she suggested a specific program that will cleanse the body and balance hormones naturally. There is a specific diet, herbal treatment, and fertility massage instructions with the program. She has spent years practicing in her field and seems pretty knowledgeable.

I'm really unsure of which one to choose, although I do feel I need guidance through all this, which causes me to lean toward #2 or #3. I want to get started right away but I am forcing myself to take it slow and make the right decision.

Stay tuned...

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Brittany said...

your smart to take it slow and get some guidance. good luck!