Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, the narcissism!

I love when people make assumptions and think they know me.

I can't control other's actions, but I can control my own.

Sometimes, I am just floored by the egotism and lack of class exhibited by others. Especially those whom I have moved heaven and earth to make their life easier.

Experiences such as these remind me how blessed I am to have true and wonderful friends, people with compassionate and tender hearts. They also help me to realize that I can choose who I let into my life, and who I leave behind.

And now... I am letting it go!


Isa said...

I am so feeling this right now. For different reasons but, ultimately the same in that I am done cluttering my life with these sorts of people.

Isn't it great to focus on the people (and relationships) in life that are supportive, kind, and have love behind their intentions?

Life is hard enough already. We all need to be thrown a bone now and again...Let's be that soft place to fall...the world is already hard/ harsh enough...Can you tell I am feeling this???:)

Let it go girl!!! Good for you! I miss you. hugs!

Wynn Family said...

Alright, who was it? I am going to be down that way, I could take them out for you!! I love you so much. Thank you for who you are. What an amazing inspiration you are!! I hope you know how much I think of you. I am working on getting all my childhood photos together and I've found some great ones of us and you and Ryan. I'm going to be posting them on my blog soon. Stay tuned!!! :) Here's to breaking our tail bones in one of the back rooms of the Met on an old dirty mattress!!!

retro girl said...

Hi - I am new to your blog...a fellow IFer. I like your blog. It's peaceful, and as I'm sure you know, in the world of infertility, peace is hard to come by sometimes. I am on my own spiritual quest, so I am always interested in the spiritual quest of others.

Congrats on cleaning up the friendship house. I've done this on several occasions, and although it feels awkward in the beginning, it is truly worth it.

Brittany said...

good for you michelle! it makes me happy to see you taking such control! we can't wait to see you at thanksgiving. we love you.

Amy Nielson said...

I hope I haven't come across that way. I don't mean to.

B said...

Hi, I've been perusing your blog (since finding it via ICLW) for a while now. I LOVE your blog --- that video - "I would die for that" really hits home as I'm sure it has for you and countless others. I even really enjoy the blogs that you follow. Ok, w/o sounding too much like a psycho stalker, I just wanted to say that I identify with your blog and really appreciate what you're about. I wish you the best and I will be following you. Hugs!

Noemi said...

I found your blog on ICLW and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your honesty and love for music.

Trish said...

Dear Lord,

Please give Michelle peace at this time. Cover her in your hedge of protection and give her the ability judge true friends from those who hurt her.

Fill her with your strength so that she may get through each day, knowing You are there with her every step of the way .
I pray for her comfort in knowing You are in control. Amen.

here from ICLW

Sam said...

Hmmm, how do some people manage to think that the world revolves around them!??

As you say, you are only responsible (and can control) your own actions.