Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Fertility, or the lack thereof - Part 1

Mid-Cycle Ultrasound

I took my last Clomid on Friday night. I was prepared to endure horrible side effects but, surprisingly enough, felt none at all! I have been emotional lately, but that began the day before the Clomid so that wouldn't be related. I was concerned that because I haven't had side effects, maybe it didn't work.

Well, I went back to the Doctor's office today. The nurse there (who is so sweet) gave me an ultrasound. I was pretty anxious. First, she looked at my left ovary and there was nothing going on there. That's when I got nervous.

Next, she looked at my right ovary and, oh my gosh, a huge follicle was staring back at us. One big follicle with (hopefully) one mature egg inside. It was so large that I may just ovulate it on my own!! Even so, I'll give myself the trigger shot tomorrow morning. I am supposed to do it at 9:30am exactly so I guess I'll be doing it in the bathroom at work. (Not exactly how you picture conceiving a child!)

So, it worked!!! Even if no pregnancy results, this is progress. The nurse told me my chances on Clomid are about 8%. I hope I beat the odds and get a positive result in 2 weeks.

Here's the bittersweet part, I am supposed to test on November 22nd...my 27th birthday. Here's hoping I have something to celebrate.

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