Sunday, August 7, 2011

32 Weeks - 8 Months

These gorgeous photos were taken by Gwen Hawkins Photography

Friday was 32 weeks. Only 8 more weeks to go!

Things seem to be going well. I am measuring perfectly and, although I've gained more weight than I wanted to (up 25 pounds already, which was what I wanted to gain the whole pregnancy!), I am learning to be okay with it. Doc says I have plenty of fluid and Katelyn looks perfect. He also said not to make too much of the ultrasound tech's prediction (8 1/2 pound baby at delivery); he doesn't put much stock in those estimates.

As far as how I am feeling? That's something I am asked on a daily basis. I've learned everyone wants to know how the pregnant lady feels. ;) My usual reply is "pretty good", and I think that's pretty accurate. I am in the 3rd trimester, that's for sure. Things have gotten uncomfortable, but I try to take it in stride, especially because I have 8 more weeks to go. Some days are definitely tougher than others, but I seriously have no complaints. The more my body hurts, the closer to the end I am!

The acid issue is back, even with the Zantac twice a day and Tums to supplement. Several times a night, I am waking up with stomach acid in my mouth, nose and lungs. I think the thing that works the best for me is to fall asleep sitting up on the couch for the first couple hours. If I can make it through that period, then I can get in bed and lay down. So, I've found ways to adapt.

I've also discovered in the last week that I am a "sweller". My legs and feet swell. Badly. Ryan calls them "Fred Flinstone feet" and even drew a cute cartoon of what they look like (which he told me not to post). :P My ankles swell really badly too. I've tried all the "tricks" and nothing really helps. I think my only remedy is giving birth, and we are not ready to do that just yet!

Katelyn's movements have changed. She still kicks and taps, but it's become more fun to watch her move. It is a little freaky (looks like an alien is trapped in my body!), but I love seeing my belly turn into a waterbed as Katelyn makes her way across my tummy.

The nursery is coming along, even if it doesn't look that way! We have the walls painted and everything purchased to decorate, but we're stalled at actually putting it together. We want to add crown molding so once that is up, things should get going. I am still making her mobile, which takes a lot of time, so I hope to get it all done. There are a few other projects to do, namely painting Katelyn's little rocking chair and a shelf my dad made for me when I was a little girl.

Needless to say, we are getting really excited. It's been fun watching Ryan participate in the pregnancy and work so hard on the room. This is everything I dreamed it would be, and she's not even here yet! I just can't wait for the end of September.


Holly said...

Compression stocking work really well to get ride of the swelling. That is so wonderful that everything is going well for you...still praying for you.

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos :) I am getting soooo excited for you and I can't wait to meet this little girl (via blogger) ;)

Bridget said...

I love the pictures, so pretty! I've been swlling pretty badly too and nothing has really helped. Glad everything is going well for the most part!

Tami said...

LOVE the pictures! Beautiful! I keep thinking by the time I am cutely pregnant, it will be winter! :P
I wish I was that far along, I really do! I also am frequently asked how I am doing. Guess it's a common thing to ask! LOL. Yay! You are getting there!

Luna said...

You are looking so amazing! I love your pictures!

Maybe people ask how you are doing to see if you need any help. At least that is why I would ask. Just be prepared for it to continue for awhile after pregnancy, but with a little twist. They will ask "How's the baby?"

Keep on top of the swelling, if it gets to bad, make sure you check with the doctor.

I am getting so excited for you guys!

Veronique said...

I love your pictures! You look beautiful!

I know how you feel about the weight gain though. This is my 4th pregnancy (first surrogacy journey) and I`ve already gained around 25lbs at 27wks pregnancy! :S So you`re doing way better than I am! lol

Thanks for the great update!!


A said...

I love your pictures! Ours are this Saturday, and I hope I can get my hair to look right ;-) I think you're looking great! Sorry about the swelling- can you find a box to put your feet up under your desk during the day? I find that REALLY helps me from feeling that the blood is pooling in my feet.

Can't wait to see your nursery! I think ours is alllllllmost done- just have to hang some pictures!